Work placements in the United Kingdom

Our International Office organises internships for both individuals and group of students from foreign schools. We place our apprentices in different departments of Bournville College or of other campuses of South & City College in Birmingham, according to their interests, field of study and skills. Furthermore, we collaborate with several external partners around the city to make students immerse themselves in the environment of the British world of work.

How to apply

If you like to live the experience of a work placement in the UK, please download, read and/or fill in, and send us the forms you can find at the links below:

  1. Group Checklist
  2. Accommodation and Application Form
  3. Medical and Constent Form
  4. Parental Consent Form
  5. Rules for All Students on Visit
  6. Dichiarazione sostitutiva del certificato penale (IT)
  7. Useful Information

Get more information

If you have any question, please feel free to ask!


Domenico Moro

Tel. 0044 (0) 78 55242126
Tel. 0039 3478614862 (ITA)
Fax. 0044 (0)121 439 6617 (UK)