This test consists of 30 questions. There is no limit of time.

1. Complete the sentence.

Where _____ she live? She lives in London.

2. Choose the correct answer.

What are you doing?


3. Which sentence is correct?


4. Complete the sentence with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

I ________________ (live) in London since 2013.

5. Write the question for the following answer:

__________________________________________ ?

No, I haven’t finished my homework yet.

6. Choose the correct option.


7. Choose the correct sentence.


8. What is the passive form of the sentence: “I eat an apple”?


9. Choose the corresponding sentence.

She told me: “Do not come back!”


10. Choose the correct sentence.


11. Choose the correct question tag.

You have never been to the United Kingdom, _______?


12. Choose the correct sentence.


13. Choose the correct alternative.

We went shopping and cleaned the room, but we forgot to:


14. Choose the correct passive form.

They gave me a scholarship to go to Cambridge.


15. Only one sentence is correct. Which one?


16. Complete the following sentence with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

Next March I ___________­­­­___ (work) here for five years.

17. Future perfect simple: complete the following sentence with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

Before the students arrive, the teacher ___________________________ (mark) all the tests.

18. Choose the correct alternative.


19. Choose the correct sentence.


20. Which sentence is the correct one?


21. Choose the correct option.

I am married ___Peter.


22. Complete the sentence.

________ being late, she managed to watch the movie from the beginning.

23. Choose the correct adverb.

I would really like to go to London by train. __________, the ticket is so expensive.


24. Choose the correct alternative.
________ her kindness, she does not have many friends at school.


25. What does this excerpt convey?


On July 1, California’s foie gras ban will go into effect, making it illegal to raise, sell, or serve any product made through gavage, a method of force-feeding waterfowl in order to swell their livers to gras proportions. And so, in the weeks leading up to this animal-rights equivalent of the Volstead Act, Citrin has been serving a seven-course “Foie for All” menu. He’s found 11 takers tonight, at $185 a pop.

[“The Last Days of Fois Gras” by Ed Leibowitz – The Atlantic – July 2012]


26. Complete the sentence.

Sam really wanted to participate ____Jack’s wedding.


27. Two sentences out of three are correct. Which is incorrect?


28. What is the meaning of “jeopardise”?


29. Complete the sentence.

My family consists ___ a mother and three daughters.


30. What is the negative interrogative form of the following sentence?

You want to go to the cinema with him.


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